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Specify the Climate You Want and Find the Places that Match

ClimateFinder.com helps you find the places with the kind of weather you prefer. Whether you are looking for a holiday, considering relocating or expanding your business, the weather often plays a role in choosing the right destination.

ClimateFinder.com lets you search for places according to their typical weather conditions. Whether you prefer it hot, warm, cool or cold; sunny or cloudy; wet, humid or dry; windy or still — ClimateFinder.com can find the ideal place for you.

For a quick start, check out the Climate Finder. For more flexibility, go to Advanced Search.

More about the site

ClimateFinder.com is a free web app that lets you specify the climate you want and finds the places, worldwide, that match. Search results are displayed on a map, and getting more information about a place is as simple as clicking on it.

ClimateFinder.com is 100% free to use and no registration is required. Use it as a travel planner for your next vacation or for that once-in-a-lifetime round-the-world trip. Whether you're looking for the perfect beach weather, the ideal surfing conditions, a skiing holiday, retirement options, cool and cloudy fishing weather, comfortable T-shirt weather for a city sightseeing/shopping break, or just want to explore the diversity of climates around the world, ClimateFinder.com could be useful to you. Why not let the Climate Finder help you decide where to go on vacation?

Whereas several websites let you look up the climate of a particular place, very few let you do the reverse, i.e. find the places that match specific climate conditions. And those that do mostly only allow searching on temperature, and only for a single month. ClimateFinder.com has far more flexible search features.

The Climate Finder feature lets the user choose a climate that is "hot and sunny", "warm and pleasant", "cool and comfortable" or "snowy and sunny", for any month of the year, and displays the places that match.

The Advanced Search feature allows the user to set upper and lower bounds for each of the following climate variables:

  • Average daily minimum temperature over the month
  • Average daily maximum temperature over the month
  • Average daily temperature over the month
  • The number of days with precipitation (>0.1mm) over the month
  • The number of days with ground frost over the month
  • Monthly precipitation
  • Average relative humidity over the month
  • Average sunshine, as a proportion of daylight hours, over the month
  • Average wind speed over the month

The criteria (upper and lower bounds) can relate to any month or combination or months.

ClimateFinder.com works with both metric and imperial units; Celsius or Fahrenheit for temperatures, millimeters or inches for precipitation and meters per second, kilometers per hour or miles per hour for wind speed.

When using the Advanced Search feature, it is a good idea to specify only a few requirements to start with. Otherwise you might find that there are no places on earth that match your criteria!

The locations in the ClimateFinder.com database pretty well cover the globe. Most countries, and all continents with the exception of Antarctica, are represented.

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